DIY Shot Ski


So, apparently, shot skis are not that well known.  I texted a friend saying “the shot skis are done!” and she responded with “awesome!”  She got to my house and promptly asked where the ice luge was.  Um. No.  Completely different ball of  wax.

I had my first shot ski at the ripe age of 28.  I was with my husband, brother-in-law and his girlfriend.  It was awesome.  I couldn’t get enough.  They were probably the highlight of the year.  So much so that the next time I saw my brother-in-law, he gave us a set of skis so we could make our own shot skis.

And we did.

It’s relatively easy, once you get the bindings off.  You can try to unscrew them, but if your skis are eleventy billion years old like ours were, you might  not be so successful.  Then we decided maybe prying them off would be best.  A crobar and plastic mallet is best for the job.

Once you get the bindings off, line up 4 shot glasses on each ski, spacing them evenly (if you have 4 people around, have them stand at the shot glasses so you can better gage how far apart to put the glasses).  After you have them where you want them, you can mark the ski with a marker or just wing it.  Guess which one we did.

Before we realized the drill wasn't going to work

We tried using super glue at first, but that wasn’t working out so well, so we reinforced it with an outer perimeter of hot glue.  We weighted the glasses down and left them to dry for a couple hours.

Yes, we weighted it down with bullets. Seemed the most logical, no?

For just a few steps, shot skis pack a HUGE punch at your party.


Also, shot skis are totally affordable to make.  Our skis are from a thrift store (they were around $10) and I already had the shot glasses, hot glue and super glue.  Best $10 ever.



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