Project 52 – Week 1


Last year I did a 365 Project, which can be found here, and let me tell you.  It was exhausting.  Trying to come up with a new picture every single day can really start to wear on you.

I realize that is only something that first world people understand.  I couldn’t possibly manage to do another 365 project this year, what will all my time being occupied with indoor plumbing, having enough food to feed my family, washing our two cars (one that is a gas guzzler), you know.  I’m very busy.

However, I decided that taking one picture a week wouldn’t put me too out of my way – so last week it started.

And yes, i’m already a week behind in posting it.

These are the times we live in people.

I’m not always going to have a fun story to go along with the picture.  But this first picture is a treat for you guys, so I figured I could write a little something.

This picture is of delicious, wood oven pizza.  The husband and I really enjoy the pizza at Mia’s Pizza in Bethesda.  The staff is wonderful and they have a decent wine and beer list.  Most people from the DC area prefer 2Amys – however, parking is a bitch and I’ve never been in there when there weren’t less than 5 screaming children.

We had a late lunch here one day last week.  This is my favorite of all pizzas.  It’s the il forno and a steal at merely $13.


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