Project 52 – Week 2


This week is also food.  I’m already returning to the same trend I had in my 365 Project.  Get used to it.

Do you ever see something on a blog and think – holy shit that looks good i’m totally going to make that!  And then you write it down and go for groceries and a couple days later you go to make it only to realize you had your head in your ass when you read the recipe and don’t have most of the ingredients you need to make it?

Yeah – that’s what happened here.

I saw an awesome recipe for Skillet Lasagna.  A lasagna, in one pot.  Pure genius.  Except, I only had sauce (not a 28oz of crushed tomatoes, or diced tomatoes), I only had sausage and meatballs (not ground beef), and I only had a handful of mozzarella.

Soooo I basically had to wing it.  And it didn’t taste great.  I should have just made a regular lasagna like I normally do.

Oh well. Here’s a picture anyway.  At least it looks good!


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