::commence seizure::


I would like to take a minute to thank Tara for the wonderful birthday post.  No one likes turning 30 – so turning 30 surrounded by some of the best people on earth was the best way to do it.

Ok, so.  S and I decided a few months ago that we would pool our Christmas money and get a new fancy shmancy mac.  This would be our first mac – so we were understandably nervous.  Such change! Such awesomeness!

My laptop was going on 5 years old, and was slower than molasses on a cold January day.  S’s computer was even older, and his monitor was probably one of the first monitors to ever exist, leading to black splotches and blue lines all over it.  It didn’t make for easy procrastination.

Well folks, the time came last week, when I ordered us a 27″ iMac.  And holy shiz folks, this thing is BADASS.  It’s fast as crap and does some pretty amazing things, although, it took me asking a friend how to resize a picture, but before I could even resize it, I had to figure out how import pictures to an actual folder, not just iPhoto.

So, yes, it’s above my skill level, but let me tell you something, we are both thrilled with our purchase thus far.

Have you ever wondered what pinterest looked like on a 27″ screen?

Wonder no more…

::commence seizure::


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