One of us recently celebrated a big birthday!


Traveling and a teething toddler has postponed this particular post longer than I had intended.


One of us celebrated the Big 3-0 last weekend. And oh boy was it a good time. Our New Years Eve post was only the start of it! Words can’t even being to describe the weekend we had; I find that pictures do a much better job. We did what we could to celebrate by enjoying

too much booze…

too much food…

and too many shenanigans.

That was just New Years Eve. The actually birthday is on New Years Day and J’s husband threw her a party that included

more food

and more booze

lots of friends

an attention stealing toddler

and and two cute pupkins.

The fabulous birthday girl prepared an amazing prime rib dinner for 10.

Man that girl can cook!

You’ve gotta do the math!

After dinner we got into this game:

And oh boy did we laugh!


Happy 30th Birthday J! You’re the best friend anyone could ever dream to have!



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