Tis the season for cookies!


My sister and I spent 5 hours on Saturday baking six different kinds of cookies.

My poor kitchen looked like this for most of those 5 hours.

That’s about half of my counter space. First major renovation project for this house? The kitchen. Hopefully next summer.

That’s the rest of my counter space.

You don’t bake with champagne? You’re doing it wrong.

Thankfully we had our own personal dishwasher. Who was happy to be paid in cookie dough.

Stayed tuned for posts on:

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Bedtime Snack n’ Jammies
Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies
Crispy S’mores bars
Cinnamon Roll Cookies
Christmas Toffee Bars

*You can blame a teething toddler for this post turning into nothing but a big tease!



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