Cheap art


So, we recently revamped our living room.  It went from green that we didn’t pick out and the biggest couch you’ve ever seen (in the smallest room you’ve ever seen) to a crisp gray with black and white accents.  But more on that later.  This post is all about DIY cheap art.

I did a gallery wall, and in order to “get it done”, I hung frames that didn’t have pictures in them (don’t worry, they’ve been ordered and should be here annnnyday now.  However, they’ve been empty for almost 2 weeks.  Stu threatened that if I didn’t put pictures in them soon, he would take it upon himself to fill the frames (and we won’t mention what he actually said, but if you’ve ever met him, you probably have an idea of what he was thinking…)

Soooooooooo, I set out to find some stuff to put in the frames!

For 1.99 + tax I now have some really great seasonal decor!  All I did was pick up a 5×7 frame from Ikea ($1.99), googled various holiday terms “joy to the world”; “mistletoe” and “pine tree” are all good for this, then clicked through the images until one tickled my fancy.  I printed it out on some card stock (that I already had) and viola!  Cheap art!

You could obviously paint this yourself, but i’m not that crafty.



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  1. That’s a great idea to change up decor for the season actually. Often the rest of the house is decorated and the artwork doesn’t always fit. You could change out pictures (if possible), or have your kids create fancy Xmas art, then switch back after the holidays.

    Hmmm, Junior!

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