A Pennsylvania Weekend


This past weekend the hubs and I ventured to Pennsylvania to see our families.  On Saturday, we got up early and trekked to Beaver Run to watch my brother, Cullen, of Locust Street Blog, race his go-kart.  After the race, we jaunted over to the Pittsburgh to see my in-laws.

Thanks to the inaccuracy of the local weather, Stu and I were not even a little bit prepared for the 40 mph winds at the racetrack.  He huddled against me while I wore my father’s three-times-too-big unlined windbreaker.  Not only did we both catch colds, but now I’m rocking a pretty sweet wind burnt chin and extremely chapped lips.

The worst part?  The races were soooo short that no one was able to make any moves on the track, thus placing in the same order they went out in.  There was an enduro (race talk for “endurance race” at the end that consisted of 12 laps.)  Cullen made some moves, but on the last lap his exhaust un-welded itself from the motor, resulting in a loss of power.  He and my dad had to push it off the track.  So, not only did we walk away with colds, but he didn’t even freaking win.

Vroom, vroom!

After the race, we sat in traffic for 40 minutes because of “road work” aka a port-a-john in the middle of the road, with no workmen around.  I at least got to nap; Stu was less than thrilled, to say the least.

But!  The drinks were flowin’ at the in-laws and all was well again.  It was a short visit, but the view from their condo is worth gold.  Literally, their condo is for sale and is priced much higher than the back unit with no view.



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