We better take a break… Brewery anyone?


So sue us because we don’t have that great of a post after our trip to Boston.  Maybe it’s because we had such high hopes… but really, it’s probably because we drank too much.

Instead, we’ll share some of our favorite pictures from our recent whirlwind weekend.

So, this is at 12:48 pm as you can see from the clock on the magic box.  Oh, what’s a magic box?  It’s just a microwave.  Things go in cold and come out hot.  Magic.

A few hours after that, we had some snacks and decided it’d be a good idea to slow down.  What did we do to kill time you ask?  Went to the Harpoon Brewery.  Yes, we realize we would still be drinking.  BUT! We had to take two 15 minute cab rides.  That’s slowing down, if you ask me.

So, we got back to the house and though it’d be a greaaaaaaaat idea to roll up into some classy italian restaurant (Cantina Italiana to be exact) and order enough food to feed a small army.  You’re probably thinking “these girls are such a hot mess, they can’t go anywhere”… oh – but not only did we go somewhere, we got dolled up to go somewhere.  Chicka chicka yea.

From the looks of this photo, we don’t look wasted at all ::insert eye roll here::

T, J, and Nina ready to go!  That girl in the middle, J, looks sotally tober.

The next day, our hosts thought it’d be brilliant to go on a 10 am whale watch.  Yep. True story.  There was a lot of snoozing, a lot of want to eat something covered in gravy, a lot of complaining, and in T’s case, a lot of throwing up on someone.  Yep.  ON SOMEONE.  In her defense, she barfed over the side, but the wind grabbed it and shot it back 6-8 feet and hit some chic on the arm. She was foreign.  Pretty sure she hates America. T’s also been known to get sea sick on the best of days. This day? Definitely not a best of anything.

Oh, and we didn’t even see any whales.  Except for this one on top of the ticket kiosk.

Fuckin’ assholes.

It wasn’t a total bust though, got some good shots of some boats and lighthouses.

and this building where some guy read something.

After our adventure, we went back to our friend’s house and lounged all day, occasionally bursting into fits of laughter at the thought of T puking on someone.

As a bonus, Nina made us cupcakes.  Chocolate cupcakes with a buckeye in the middle topped with peanut butter frosting, actually. She’s awesome.

~T  & J


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  1. probably the best post ever. and in my defense, as the host, we willingly all agreed in advance to take that 10am whale watch. bc we wanted to make it to the fluff festival. which we didnt get to bc we were still hungover and i was sleeping on the couch. come back, lets try again 🙂

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