When Quiet Strikes…


Silence is never a good thing with a toddler on the premises.

“Oh, you were watching?”

“You see, I can explain.

“I was just trying to bury that monkey.”

Oh. Okay dear. That totally makes sense.


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  1. Ha. Totally freaking HA. haHA!!!
    I see that time was NOT taken to roll up the brand new, still curled at the corners rug! HA!!
    You need to school this child in the fine art of “How to make a mess without getting caught”.
    As in….rolling up the rug and storing it in another room so that any beer spilled during a raucous game of beer pong gets cleaned up before the “rents” return home, and the rug and said “rents” are none the wiser.
    They don’t teach this stuff in preschool, you know! 🙂

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